Jesse is amazing and helped me get to the root of some emotional issues in one session that 25 years of counseling never did. I am continuing to work with her. I love her compassion and understanding and I never feel judged, just a great loving source that wants what is best for me.

Cindy Fanton Acton, MA

Jesse is a uniquely gifted intuitive and healer who works on very deep levels with her clients. She discussed all of the topics that were on my mind, and did beautiful heart wall healing work with me and with my cat Jack. She discussed themes from my current life plan that only one other intuitive has identified. Her remarkable and compassionate insights into my life challenges help me live with peace. I know I will work with Jesse many more times!

Norma MannixPikesville, MD

I have been going to psychics for about 20 years now from the East and West coasts and by phone. Without a doubt, I have NEVER had such a POSITiVE experience than what I received with Jesse! Her warmth and comfort to begin with created an extremely safe environment. She was able to dig deep and bring things to the surface that I didn’t even think were still of concern to me! I left my session feeling released of toxins, light, an extra bounce in my step and overall VERY happy! No need to look any further as I have found my go to psychic who is an EXTRAORDINARY human being! Thank you Jesse for bringing peace, love, and more happiness to my life!

Jen BlockBoston, MA

Last summer, I was deeply distraught and came to Jesse in distress, seeking the advice of a clairvoyant who could provide me with a fresh perspective. Jesse told me many insightful things during my reading. Many of the things that she disclosed to me were able to aid my heart instantaneously, both with her words and in her touch. Other truths were revealed to me with time, and I was amazed at how spot-on her premonitions were. I highly recommend Jesse for anyone who seeks to mend their heart.

Leanna LantagneNashua, NH

I suffer from anxiety, and Jesse’s gentle calmness and kindness created an immediate peaceful and encouraging environment for our first session. Thus, I felt immensely excited about what we could discover, and heal, together! I could feel her wholehearted care for my soul throughout the journey, and her work with The Emotion Code left me feeling energized and light, as if the weighted clutches of my chronic worry were released. My first session was life transforming and affirming!

Meghan DonohueBoston, MA

Jesse’s connection with me was amazingly accurate. She is easily the most intuitive and perceptive of any reader I have had. She explored my questions and kept going deeper into the subtle energy around these questions, which gave me insight into anxieties and doubts I was experiencing. She never lost focus, so I was able to fully explore my questions. Her compassion and gentleness made it easy to relate to her and trust her wisdom (and my own). I still feel her love and caring.

Marylyn Rands S. Ogden, UT

Jesse’s kindness, wisdom, generosity and intuitive abilities shepherded me through one of the toughest periods of my life.

Elyse SokolInternal Family Systems Newton, MA

Jesse, you are an amazing psychic! The reading you gave me the other night is still working very deep within me. It was profound. I really appreciated your ability to feel that place inside of me. No one else has been able to do that. I can feel it healing me like a medicine.

Molly Salans, LICSWFamily TherapistWestford, MA

Jesse is a truly gifted professional. I recently worked with Jesse in receiving a psychic reading/counseling session and she is nothing short of amazing. She has that rare blend of warmth and empathy, accompanied by her innate and on the mark intuition, making for a powerful healing experience. Thank You Jesse!

Nancy BerryDream Factory

I have had two wonderfully insightful and illuminating readings from Jesse. From my readings I was able to glean both validation and deeper insight into my current stage of spiritual growth and where I am going. Jesse is extremely warm, loving, compassionate and supportive throughout her readings and I experienced deeper peace and well being as a result of our time together. She is the real deal and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jean Papagni bCalm Power Yoga InstructorHopkinton, MA

I’ve received healing sessions and psychic readings from Jesse in person and over the phone. With her work you feel a “dialog” is occurring, not just from her intuition and healing touch to ones body, but from oneself to ones own body, making visible what we often cannot see or consciously feel. From Jesse’s work I’ve gained not only an immediate sense of physical well-being, but real insight into the life choices I must make. Her readings promote physical health and the courage to grow.

Bill Scheffel Writer, I Ching, Human DesignCrestone, CO

Jesse’s reading was clear, informative, direct and absolutely right-on! I was confused about some business ventures–needing to bring in some extra income. Jesse guided me to understand which areas would be lucrative, easy and in alignment with my energy and which ones were not. Because I go in trusting and sometimes naïve, I tend to select business partners who are not necessarily trustworthy. By guiding me in a very insightful manner, Jesse saved me some business headaches and money!

Maya Dolena Wellness Institute, Conscious Commerce CoalitionPahoa, Hawaii

I got to know Jesse thru NGVB. And I was so lucky to get a special reading from her. After my session with Jesse, I was able to relax and unload and eradicate the lingering traces of self-doubt that I couldn’t let go on my own. Ever since then, I am able to listen more closely to my intuition and give of myself more trustingly. Jesse made it possible for me to fully open up to give and receive love and abundance with open heart and open mind. Thank you. My love and gratitude.

Tess Vergara Awakening Coach Minneapolis, MN

Being at a crossroads in my life I knew a particular situation had to change. The guidance and amazing insight Jesse shared with me confirmed everything I was feeling. A challenging decision had to be made for me to move forward with my life’s purpose. After making that decision, I immediately felt a shift and things have started to blossom. Jesse is an extremely compassionate, caring and brilliant intuitive – a true lightworker. I highly recommend her.

Alise Ashby Composer, SongwriterRockport, MA

Jess came to the Angels of Light Healing and Intuitive Center and shared her gifts with me. I was very impressed with her gracious and light filled reading and felt that she was “Right On” in a loving and productive way. I believe she is the “Real Thing” and as an Intuitive & Medium myself, I felt she was very insightful and filled with wonderful and healing information. Thanks so much Jesse.

Rev. Cathi BurkeNorwell, MA

I felt certain that Jesse’s work had a powerful and direct healing impact on my two month old grandson Jasper. His mother, Manzanita quite agrees with me. Jasper was better, a lot better pretty much immediately! He’d been having significant discomfort all too often for his first two months of life, and it seemed to evaporate during Jasper’s session with Jesse!

Jessie FriedmanPsychotherapistBoulder, CO

I have experienced many wonderful energy healing treatments in my life but none more life changing than Jesse Goldman’s. I could feel Jesse’s treatment actually “reach in” and heal my body, mind and spirit from the inside out. I can’t say enough about Jesse’s special gift for healing.

Dr. Mark MincollaWhole HealthCohasset, MA

As soon as Jesse put her hands on me I immediately felt connected to my healing currents. She is a powerful healer and will be a great help even if you are receiving allopathic or alternative medicine.

Johanna AlperAcupuncture TeacherBoulder, CO

Jesse came to Boulder to work with me for a month, as I was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. The cancer had metastasized throughout every organ & multiple brain tumors were found, a larger one on the frontal lobe & multiple smaller ones. After the very first of many healing sessions, there was immediate improvement in the strength and mobility of my left hand, that was compromised by neurological damage from tumors. I was actually typing emails the morning after my first session! My left leg was very weak prior to the sessions and I went from “shuffling” to walking with more strength and balance within a week or so. My general energy levels started improving. Jesse returned to Boston after a month, and continued to treat me long distance (by phone). My arm strength and energy continued to improve. I have no doubt, nor do the Physical Therapists, that Jesse’s Intuitive Healing work was a big part of my improvement.  Two months later with Jesse continuing to work with me, I had recent brain scans and received the unbelievable reports… all brain tumors were gone except a tiny bit of one. Therefor there will not be any brain surgery, nor cyber knife surgery as scheduled!!! I attribute these changes in great part to Jesse’s healing work.

Elizabeth Southward Earthworkers EmporiumBoulder, CO

I have known Jesse for many years now, but not in her capacity as an Intuitive Healer. I have worked & studied with many healers, so was curious about Jesse’s unique work. My session had it’s subtlety, we talked and laughed as she worked, but it wasn’t until I stood up that I realized my head felt expanded out 2 -3 feet. No dizziness, but an auric change and energetic awareness. By now I knew she really had something going on, so I sent six friends to her that could benefit. Jesse is a powerful source that may enable one to open, connect and release areas that need tending from physical, mental and emotional situations. Her work is both powerful and subtle. The body, mind and spirit store our life’s drama, trauma and joys, and the work she does is a connecting conduit. I highly recommend Jesse.

Stephen (Ish) FutralArtist & PoetCrestone, CO

Jesse’s work is awesome!!

Michael SmithChiropractor / Transformational Healing / ABC - Advanced Biostructural CorrectionBoulder, CO

Jesse’s work comes straight from her heart and brings healing energy to wherever it is needed. I experienced relief from some chronic pain because her ability to heal comes from such a deep place. I would recommend Jesse’s work to anyone.  I am extremely particular about who works with me and feel Jesse is one of the absolute best.

Mary GriffithPsychotherapistBoulder, CO

Jesse Goldman worked with me at the time of my sister’s death when I was in a state of great stress and sadness. Jesse in general is a presence of gentleness and compassion, and when she started her work, her touch also embodied those qualities. Although the healing energy is gentle, with a bit firmer touch she found the right combination for me to let go of my stress and to open to heal. I had the feeling that Jesse acted as an open channel for the healing to come through her, more than her manipulating a particular technique. As a massage therapist myself the massage/energy work was more than a massage, it was a true healing experience. I am grateful to Jesse for helping me on this journey. May she continue to work with others and help many more people on their path.

Donna SundayMassage TherapistSanta Barbara, CA

I had the good fortune to experience a healing session with Jesse Goldman. From the start of the session I was amazed at her intuitive sense, as she immediately began working on my right ear which had been bothering me for months, and about which I had neglected to tell her. Jesse seemed to follow the specific needs of my body throughout the session, as if my body was guiding the session and she was in tune with that guidance. The session was deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. It seemed to open energy channels and relieve areas that I didn’t know needed healing. I feel fortunate to have experienced her work and would recommend a session to anyone in need of a positive shift physically or energetically.

Kerstin Templeton Physical Therapist / CranioSacral TherapistDedham, MA

Healing can be done is so many different modalities, but all in all it comes from the Divine. I had a healing from Jesse Goldman and I could feel all of the tension leave my body and go into a total state of relaxation. This is when the work can truly be done.

Rita BerkowitzSpirit Artist & Mediumship TeacherNorwell, MA

A healing session with Jesse includes working with the body and mind. It is transformational and the process leads to a sense of physical and spiritual expansiveness and peace. I am happy to recommend her without hesitation.

Erika WiltonCeremonial Officiant / Wedding CelebrantNewton, MA

A deeply moving and actively aligning time where my body and mind rested and were held. I felt the hands of an ancient master awakening my cells and calling me to remember my connection with my life force. I easily opened to the integration of all that I carry within and felt the expansion of hope as the union of all of the aspects of my being came together.

Flo Aeveia MagdalenaAuthor of I Remember Union, Sunlight on Water, and Honoring Your Child’s SpiritPutney, VT

I heard that a healer named Jesse Goldman was in town. I’ve had chronic lower back and hip pain for years, varying in intensity, but when I scheduled with Jesse I was experiencing a lot of pain. After the appointment I was largely free of pain, and this relief lasted for many days. In contrast, I’ve worked with physical therapists, chiropractors and other healers and gained much less. Jesse was easy to be with, open and relaxed, and I enjoyed the experience altogether. I believe she is a skillful and intuitive healer. Thanks Again, Jesse. Hope you’re well.

John CunninghamBoulder, CO

I met Jesse and learned about her practice of Intuitive Healing during an eye exam that I did for her. I had tried various non-drug therapies for my cervical/lumbar arthritis such as physical therapy, acupuncture and meditation, with partial relief. I decided to try Jesse’s form of healing. The results were encouraging. Also, my overall stress level was markedly reduced. The soothing music she plays during a healing session introduced me to some amazing musicians. When I listen to these artists before sleep, I am reminded of Jesse’s healing sessions and drift off to sleep easily now.

Robert Gorn, MDOphthalmologistBrookline, MA

I have worked with Jesse for several months and I am delighted to share my experience and impressions of our work together. Jesse is a gifted, bold and deeply compassionate explorer of the psychic realm. One feels simultaneously supported, comforted and awakened with Jesse’s intuitive guidance. She allows you to clearly express your voice from Essence and in partnership with you, she’s discerning and deconstructs those psychic blocks not ordinarily available to human consciousness nor traditional psychotherapeutic approaches. Jesse brings access to a clear Divine Self-expression for the open-minded and willing clients. Moreover, Jesse facilitates a clear expression of your Soul forces, the essence of who and what you are, so you may fully live and enjoy life. Her method opens a path for you to be of great service to yourself and to the world as she facilitates the clearing of deeply rooted mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual blocks. What is amazing about Jesse is that she truly delights not only in bringing people an awareness of their Divine Essence, and she is even more thrilled with her clients’ discoveries and realizations of their truths.  Jesse will help you find your voice as a spiritual being expressed through your human nature.

Dr. Michael PearlmanBoard Certification in PsychiatryFramingham, MA

Jesse is amazing! I have been to healers in my time but I can say that Jesse is the genuine article. She has a deep and healing compassion that radiates through her and I could feel this in our work together. She has helped me to to become more whole and I am so grateful. I will continue working with Jesse and highly recommend her intuitive and healing skills as well as her counsel.

Ann PurdyWakefield, MA

I am so glad I found Jesse! I contacted her for help for me and my elderly pug. Jesse is truly wonderful. She answered my questions and did a remote healing session for us. Her insights and suggestions are right on, and what really touches my heart is her compassion. She shares the guidance that comes through in a very gentle, helpful, uplifting manner, which is very important to me. Jesse has a way of helping me to be hopeful and encouraged, instead of fearful. I feel blessed and very fortunate that I can call her when I need her support and healing.

Karil Lambecht Central Point, OR

Jesse asks the right questions to find the right solutions. I had been stuck on a project for some time, and Jesse helped set things in motion. She addressed the problems at hand, and helped me find the right work associates to move the project forward. She helped intuitively to understand whether several candidates would be an appropriate match, and gave me the information that I needed to make the right choice. She saved me much time and expense, showing me red flags of a candidate that was not a good fit for the project. Jesse is professional, thoughtful, generous, and most of all an expert in what she does. There is no intelligence better than intuition, and Jesse not only is spot on with her intuition, but helps her clients tap into their own.

Anna Lisa McClelland - L.A., CA

Jesse helps me, tremendously, every time I have a reading. She knew nothing about me, when we first spoke, and we were not connected on social media. I called her regarding something very close to my heart. She clearly picked up on the situation, those involved, and did so on physical, spiritual & emotional levels. Since that time, I’ve felt a kindred connection with her. Jesse opened my insight, understood my feelings, was empowering and offered divine guidance. I can truly say that she made All the Difference in so very, many ways. Her guidance is immeasurable.

Ana Griffon - Nashville, TN

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Jesse for healing and breakthrough work. She is very gifted in working with animals too. I Skyped with Jesse from Australia!

Julie LewinHealerAustralia

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