The main purpose of offering mediumship is healing.

As a Medium I access this energy telepathically to communicate with those who have passed. I also hear from your animals.  Those in spirit communicate through me to help guide, support, protect and love.

Mediumship Testimonials

I recently had a reading with Jesse. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe her abilities, compassion, insight and warmth. She instantly made contact with my dad who passed about 14 years ago and his dog (the family dog) who has been gone at least 20 years. My dad had me keep the ashes of the dog and spread them with his ashes at our vacation house in New England. As a bonus, she also made contact with my dog who is also with my dad on the other side. She confirmed all parties by name!

Maureen DelaneyFoxboro, MA

I had one of the most profound readings with Jesse and realized I never gave her a recommendation, which she SO deserves!  Jesse is a person who can tap deep into your heart and give you a mediumship reading that heals you to the core of your being. She is able to bring forward messages from loved ones that you have wanted to hear from with incredible evidence, clarity, and messages that are “spot on” accurate. I have seen her in various group settings, in addition to 1-1, bringing thru emotional messages for people which are tough to hear at times because of how powerful they are , but in the end bring through huge closer and healing to individuals! They are able to move on after a reading with Jesse, knowing their loved ones are safe and sound on the other side. Jesse is an incredible empathic person, psychic and gifted medium.  I am blessed to have met and known her, and I think you will be too!

Maureen SullivanNewton, MA