Channeled Guidance, Intuitive Healing, & Mediumship

Channeled Guidance : Jesse Goldman

“Jesse went deep into subtle energies of my questions, giving me insight into my anxieties.”

Channeled Guidance

Channeled Guidance brings through truth from the higher realms of wisdom and love.  It is at the essence of every reading or healing session for you or your animals. Guided by my intuition, I receive information from a loving, more expanded state of consciousness.

I help highlight and support what you already know to be true, ultimately motivating you into right action. The insights and wisdom bring healing and can be life changing.

This is no cookie cutter approach, but a blending of my 40 years of spiritual coaching, transformational guidance and healing.

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Intuitive Healing

The root of my work is based in compassion, which creates the possibility for healing and transformation.

I am called an Intuitive, because what I do is not based in any particular technique or system.

As we clear the pathways and connect the dots, there's a flow of communication that brings a shift in consciousness and new perception, allowing you to transform your life!

Clients often claim they experience a deep relaxation that may carry over for days. Following this work, many people have been able to make life decisions with a new sense of inner truth they had not previously known.

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​The main purpose of offering mediumship is to bring healing.

As a Medium I access this energy telepathically to communicate with those who have passed. I also hear from your animals.

Those in spirit may choose to communicated through me  to help guide, support and protect.

​My intention is to help bring you understanding, closure and healing, and for some to experience the real presence of their loved ones.

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