Animal Communication

Our amazing critters enrich our lives as they teach us about ourselves and how to be in relationships. They invite us to open our hearts to experience the same compassion for ourselves which we unconditionally have for them. 

As an Animal Intuitive, Jesse communicates with those here in the physical body, as well as those in spirit, working telepathically to hear and feel the needs and wants of your animals. It's an intimate working with the electro magnetic field, in an exchange by means of thought form, emotions, and energetics. Jesse is able to describe their personalities, address emotional and behavioral issues, and explore dietary and health concerns as a medical intuitive. She will offer you practical and spiritual guidance with solutions and healing.

Together you will explore your journey with them and how they mirror your life. It's no coincidence that you are together, no matter how or when they showed up in your life!

Uncover Hidden Root Causes that will Clarify, Resolve and Heal a range of issues..

  • Behavioral Issues
  • Trauma, Abuse and Injuries (even from before they came to you)
  • Health Concerns and Imbalances (dis-ease, dietary)
  • Relationship issues with people or with other animals
  • Emotional losses of their humans or other furry friends
  • Choosing a new furry friend for you
  • Choosing a new furry friend for your animal (Is it the right time? Do they want one? Which critter is a good match?)
  • Adapting to environment (adoption, move, new family, people leave, chaos of any kind)
  • Grappling with what to do when they are ill and determine appropriate action
  • Support with tough end of life decisions (ultimately listen to them and trust your guidance)
  • Communication and healing to bring them ease and peace in their last days
  • Understanding their role in your life and how they're here to help you (soul contracts)
  • What they'd like you to work on to evolve in your life
  • Communication with animals who have passed to help you understand and heal
  • Finding lost animals nationwide (this is a commitment to a tracking process that has taken from a day up to 3 months, with no guarantees)

Animals understand the natural cycles of life, as they are instinctively in rhythm with nature. If we listen they’ll guide us in many helpful ways, even in their passing. They never stop wanting to help us!

As of today, Jesse has worked with dogs, cats, horses, mini ponies, goats, sheep, birds, chickens, roosters and bunnies.  Each and every time they still continue to leave us in awe and total amazement!

Healing offered for you and your animals. Healing one heals both.

Note: Jesse is not trained in any medical capacity and works strictly from her intuition. Please continue to consult with your veterinarian.