Animal Communication & Healing ~ All Species Welcome

“Jesse has the ability to give words to animals.”

Speaking for those without a voice...

As a Psychic Intuitive I communicate with animals here in the physical body and those in spirit, working telepathically to identify their needs and wants. It's an intimate exchange through the electromagnetic field, thought form, emotions and various energetics, to address their emotional, behavioral, health or any life concerns. In this process we will explore your journey with them and how they mirror you. It's no coincidence that you are together, no matter how they showed up in your life! 

When it is their time to leave, I can help you through the grieving process. 

As of today, I've heard from dogs, cats, horses, mini ponies, goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens, roosters and other birds, here and in spirit. I continue to be in awe each and every time!  

It's not necessary for me to be with your animal. Please email or text photos if possible, with name & age only.    

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Animal Communication Testimonials

Jesse really understands what animals want and need, and has a unique gift for communicating with them. My cats were feral or rescued and are very shy, but Jesse’s warm, patient, and gentle nature helped them relax and interact more with me and other people too. I am happy to recommend her services to anyone who would like to get to know their animal friends on a deeper level.

MFBrookline, MA

Jesse came to my home on Cape Cod for an all day event doing readings for a group of us. It was FABULOUS, everyone was happy. She was dead on with the animals and helpful for the personal readings and issues too. I strongly recommend her!

Jane BouretteCoast to Coast Financial Planning Chatham, MA

Jesse is the real deal when it comes to communicating with animals. She has helped me several times with my many furry friends. She’s right on with everything said about them, which also helped me look at issues in my life. My Hippie in particular wouldn’t talk to anyone but Jesse. Other readers couldn’t get past the fact that he was annoyed and he wouldn’t talk to them! Jesse heard he was annoyed, but kept going with Hippie, not pushing him but appreciating his intelligence, so he engaged with her. We were on the floor laughing reading Jesse’s letter from him!

Susan Abner Groomer & Animal CommunicatorBoston, MA

Jesse is a heart-centered, generous and empathic person who brings these qualities into her work. My beloved dog Gizmo and I worked with Jesse for nearly 3-years, first helping us with his anxiety which was linked some underlying stressful situations in my life, and ultimately helping us to transition. For me it was about letting go. Gizmo went to sleep one night and didn’t wake up again. He left on his own terms and in peace and I feel that Jesse’s healing and support helped make it possible.

Donna GoodmanMilford, CT

Jesse has the ability to give words to Candy – the Arabian mare who has been my friend for the past 26 years. She let me know that Candy had some very definite wants – and put me at ease about a health condition. Sometimes things get moving so fast that we forget that these beautiful animals have their own souls, journey, principles and things they are needing. Seek Jesse out!

Elizabeth Bunker Phillipston, MA

I challenged Jesse with a reading for my 5 chickens and rooster. Jesse did a remote reading and called me with the details. She read each chicken giving an accurate profile of each one! We also didn’t know why all the chickens were losing their tail feathers. We thought we might have a “plucker” in the group, but Jesse said no, that they didn’t like the latest feed and it was lacking in nutrition. She recommended we get a new bag of feed. This really helped and all the chickens now have their tail feathers back! Jesse’s reading was fun and accurate. Now whenever our chickens & rooster do something strange, my spouse says, “Who knows what goes through a chicken’s mind”? and I say… “Call Jesse”!

Lil SkelarnikHolliston, MA

Jesse was recommended to me when my dog was hit by a car & killed. Her expertise in communicating with animals helped me to overcome a tragedy in my life and become a better person.

Donna LupoEverett, MA

I contacted Jesse when I was at a loss on how to comfort and help my cat Jack with lung cancer. Jesse was so compassionate and such a great comfort to us both. Unfortunately at this point, there was not much treatment for the cancer. Jesse helped make his symptoms less painful and helped him understand what was happening. She checked in frequently to see how he was feeling and how I was doing. She helped us get through a very hard time and I will always be grateful to her. She has a great gift and is highly intuitive. I have recommended others to Jesse. I will also be contacting her again for a happier session on picking out a new kitten for our family soon! Ever so grateful to you Jesse!

Lola TrudelTyngsboro, MA