About Jesse – GPS for Your Life

My life coaching, spiritual guidance and intuitive healing sessions for you and your animals are not based in any particular religious or spiritual belief, nor in any specific technique, but are a unique blend of my innate abilities along with a lifetime of study and experience. From a place of non-judgement there's no barrier in helping anyone willing to explore.  I offer guidance and healing for people globally from all walks of life and ages.

Compassion is the root, the heart and guide of my work.

I begin with the premise we each have basic goodness, that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you and there's nothing to fix. This work holds you in a safe space to explore any aspect of your world to bring true transformation. Accessing your truth creates a healthy and more fulfilling life. I am a witness and guide, as you remember and reclaim who you are. This is where healing begins. 

The importance of any session is to help you trust your intuition and gain acceptance to experience loving kindness for yourself. Each drop of compassion is the light which dissolves density and struggle, bringing clarity and freedom.

Training in classical piano was my introduction to the intuitive and spiritual worlds. I developed an attuned sense of hearing, a heightened sense of touch, and a knowing that we can connect to something greater than ourselves. My music mentor was unconventional and showed me at an early age to recognize that reality is not just what we believe to be true with our eyes or minds.

After years of Judaic study and exploring many different metaphysical studies, I became immersed in the richness of Tibetan Buddhism. The wisdom of the teachings and meditation practices remain profound influences in my work. 

(Native American) First Nation teachings have strengthened my bond with Mother Earth and my communication with animals, who enrich our lives. They're mirrors to our minds and hearts helping us evolve in our relationships and learn to embrace the cycles of birth and death.  A tradition shared by Grandmother La'ne Sa'an Moonwalker continues to enrich my life, honoring the earth and its' critters with all the wisdom they hold.

An extensive background in functional anatomy combined with my intuitive and psychic abilities supports you and your animals on many levels.  Healing one heals the other! 

My career began as a massage therapist in 1976 doing deep body work, while receiving psychic information and guidance. Even then I was like a private detective, tracking the patterns and root causes of discomfort, dis-ease and confusion, in order to release unnecessary energies and clearing misinformation. I find patterns which reverberate back through our ancestral lineages and are ready to be freed.   

The work evolved to a more subtle energetic form with training in a powerful Medical Chigong (Qi Gong) practice with Master Zhao. This opened more channels for me, further enhancing my medical intuitive senses.      

Not the least of my experience is a background in sales, management, fundraising, and 23 years as a Real Estate Broker bringing incredible value to guide you in business decisions, major life and home transitions and in all practical ways.  Therefor...  "GPS For Your Life"

Ultimately there is a universal wisdom and energetic exchange that prevails in all languages with all sentient beings, which is how I am able to communicate intimately with you and your animals. 

I continually thank the countless teachers, spiritual guides, healers, loved ones, dear friends, clients and their animals for sharing their hearts, their tears and laughter, and giving the inspiration for me to continue with my passion and purpose.