Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing : Jesse Goldman

Intuitive Healing awakens your heart and soul to be present in life, and ignites a connection with your true essence: your Infinite Self.  My work is a powerful, but non-invasive way to transmute old trauma and gently release trapped emotions.  Opening the door to a greater sense of peace, you can restore your vital life energy, faith in living, and ultimately your health.  Experience your world with greater confidence as you shed some of the painful layers that keep you from feeling safe in your body and in spirit.

Experiences and remnants of emotional losses, trauma, injury or surgery may be locked in your body's cellular memory even when you believe you've healed them.  If I identify something that is still present, it's possible to transmute it in a safe and supportive environment, without reliving the event in any traumatic way.  You may express some emotion, but will also experience a new found freedom.  Space is created as the body no longer needs to carry the memory.  What was once a dense space may become lighter.  You can begin to relax into this space and open your heart to possibilities.

In some ways, my experience of this is like the child's game “connect the dots".  As we clear and open pathways, we connect the dots, connect missing links, clarifying, shedding light on things that don’t make sense in your life or don’t seem to fit you. We connect a flow of communication from the brain to the organs, from the spirit to a greater source, ultimately helping you connect to your own source of truth, your intuition and self love. This brings a shift in consciousness and perception, allowing you to transform your life!  I'm actually not healing anything or anyone.

Concerns that cannot always be named by traditional modalities may be addressed.

I am called an Intuitive, because what I do is not based in any particular technique or system.  Although I work with the anatomy and the physiological systems of the body, for humans as well as for animals, I also work on a deeply spiritual level. I have a unique way of channeling guidance which allows me to see and feel the patterns, rhythms, and blockages in the physical, emotional and psychological bodies.  The root of my work is based in compassion, a path which embraces all faiths, and is the ground for transformation.

Clients often claim they experience a deep relaxation that may carry over for days.  Following this work, even without focus on a specific issue, people have been able to make life decisions with a new sense of inner trust and guidance they had not previously known.