Channeled Guidance

Channeled Guidance : Jesse Goldman

Channeled Guidance is at the heart of any consultation or healing session for you or your animals. 

Guided by my clairvoyance, as well as my empathic and psychic abilities, we will explore the roots of your life's challenges, whether these be in relationships, business, livelihood and/or health.  By identifying what is blocking your creativity, together we can determine the right path for you. 

During your session, we will begin to heal the heartaches and traumas that influence you today. We will tap into the subconscious and cellular memories, which allows me to see your path of existence, including those of your ancestors and how they’ve influenced you, bringing insights and wisdom. We’ll identify distortions in the subconscious that may be clouding your thoughts and views.  This is the ground for positive shifts to occur and from here anything is possible. 

Our personal journey is also a universal journey, as we truly aren't separate from each other or from nature. The feeling of separation and isolation is a result of being separated from ourselves, which keeps us feeling disconnected from the world.  Choosing to live from a place of truth is actually less struggle and will bring peace. 

Self-empowerment comes from developing awareness, remaining heartfelt, and taking the correct action. My role is to support you in discovering what this means for you.  There is no cookie cutter approach, and each session is personalized to your individual needs.

Learning to trust your own intuition, guided by the intelligence of the heart, can help heal all aspects of your life. Imagination is key.  Loving kindness and honesty within oneself, miracles do happen.  Well, not exactly miracles, but a great recipe for life, which YOU create!