Spiritual Coaching for Magnificent Destinies

Resolve deep rooted obstacles and limiting beliefs that you hold to liberate abundant health and success. We will identify even obscure causes that may have been inherited from our ancestors.  ​

Using my innate abilities as an intuitive channel I guide you to access your physical intelligence and strong inner resources for profound transformation. 

My joy is also connecting with your beloved animals (here or in spirit) to let you know what they need and want. They mirror our lives to help us and may share health or behavioral issues, or need  help to be free from early traumas prior to your loving home! Healing is offered when needed.                        


Jesse is an amazing psychic! The reading she gave me the other night is still working very deep within me. It was profound. I really appreciated her ability to feel that place inside of me. No one else has been able to do that. I can feel it healing me like a medicine.
Molly Salans, LICSWFamily TherapistWestford, MA
Healing can be done is so many different modalities, but all in all it comes from the Divine. I had a healing from Jesse Goldman and I could feel all of the tension leave my body and go into a total state of relaxation. This is when the work can truly be done.
Rita BerkowitzSpirit Artist & Mediumship TeacherNorwell, MA
I have experienced many wonderful energy healing treatments in my life but none more life changing than Jesse Goldman’s. I could feel Jesse’s treatment actually “reach in” and heal my body, mind and spirit from the inside out. I can’t say enough about Jesse’s special gift for healing.
Dr. Mark MincollaWhole HealthCohasset, MA
Jesse really understands what animals want and need, and has a unique gift for communicating with them. My cats were feral or rescued and are very shy, but Jesse’s warm, patient, and gentle nature helped them relax and interact more with me and other people too. I am happy to recommend her services to anyone who would like to get to know their animal friends on a deeper level.
MFBrookline, MA
Jesse’s work comes straight from her heart and brings healing energy to wherever it is needed. I experienced relief from some chronic pain because her ability to heal comes from such a deep place. I would recommend Jesse’s work to anyone.  I am extremely particular about who works with me and feel Jesse is one of the absolute best.
Mary GriffithPsychotherapistBoulder, CO